Who I Am, What I Do & Why I Do It.

I’m Jesse and I am the designer, builder and creative mastermind behind Wasteland Exports. I have had many years of experience as a set designer, fabricator, and art director for the Stage and Haunted Attraction Industry. I enjoyed creating specialty props for those productions the most.

As I searched the internet looking for items to add to my personal post-apocalyptic and pop-culture art collection, I found that there was an absence of really good quality fan created items.  Combining my passion for making things with my love of  hyper-realistic cosplay props, I decided to start fabricating for myself.  In creating those items for my own collection, I found my friends asking me to make them “something cool” too.  It turns out I was not the only person looking for a better quality piece for their collection.  So, after the constant nagging (and never-ending support) of my loving and very patient wife, Eileen, I decided to share what I was doing with the world. Thus, Wasteland Exports was born.

So What Makes My Stuff So Darn Special?

Simply put, it’s the detail, quality and heart that goes into each piece.

I take tremendous pride in the quality of my work. Sometimes at the sake of my own sanity (and bank account).  Whether it is from your favorite video game, movie, or comic book; a Steampunk inspired design or a personal creation, you can be sure that everything made by me is a unique, one of a kind or limited edition item that is handmade with a high standard of detail and quality.

Jesse Conners

Grand Visionary and Purveyor

Jesse has wandered the Wasteland in search of the finest scavenged goods. From his workshop in New Reno he forges the best post-war merchandise.

Eileen Conners

Caravan Manager

Eileen is the foundation of our little travelling enterprise. She keeps the brahmin fed and handles the caps like a champ!

James Duffy

The Fixer

James is a seasoned scavenger; he scouts the best post-war supplies to cobble products for our travelling caravan.

Kait Krusoe

Settlement Reporter

Kait is the voice of Wasteland Exports online, sharing updates from our settlement to survivors across the Wasteland.

Phyn Scott

Technology Duster

Phyn keeps our communication network ticking so you can connect with Wasteland Exports even when we aren’t near your settlement.