Museum of Wasteland History

Thank you for visiting the digital repository of the Museum of Wasteland History presented by Wasteland Exports.

The Museum of Wasteland History is the product of the joint effort of many avid fans and professional prop makers from across the globe. We are very pleased to present this truly one of a kind experience to convention attendees in much of NCR territory and beyond.

We are now honored to present an online exhibit showcasing the work of these incredibly talented people. 

You may click on the name of an item in the caption to view its maker’s profile.



pictured above (from top left): Deathclaw Melee, Deathclaw Gauntlet, Disciples Blade, and Security Baton


pictured above (from top left): Baseball Grenade, Bottlecap Mine, Holy Hand Grenade, and Mini Nuke


pictured above (from top left): 1911 Pistol, 9mm SMG, 10mm Pistol, Abilene Kid BB Gun, Combat Shotgun, Dart Gun, Deliverer, Fatman, Institute Laser Rifle, NCR Service Rifle, Pipe Pistol, That Gun, and Thirst Zapper



pictured above (from top left): Cappy Bottlecap Sunglasses, CoC Badge, Desert Rangers Badge, Pimp-Boy 3 Billion, Slave Collar, Sunset Sarsaparilla Deputy Badge


pictured above (from top left): Outcast T-60 Power Armor Helmet, Reilly’s Rangers Helmet, Synth Field Helmet, and Vault Security Helmet


pictured above (from top left): Gecko Egg, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Cola, Nuka Quantum, and Vault 13 Flask


pictured above (from top left): G.E.C.K., Water Chip, Currencies of the Wasteland collection, Platinum Chip, Sierra Madre Chips, and Gambling in the Wasteland collection


pictured above (from top left): Nuka World Recipe Book, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Book, Deathclaw Wall Mount, and Molerat Wall Mount


pictured above: Nuka Cola Flip Lighter

Special Thanks

Anders Sven Aller, Michael Cummings and Cinder Houghton of Hellfire Forge Designs, Dominique de Leon, Christopher Hockett of Chunk-A-Nuke Props, Cicely Luna, Tim Harrison of Harrison Design and Concepts, William Henshaw of DLC Props, Brendan Luna, Zander Price of Nerdy Notionz, Mike and Chryshelle Spurgeon of Dark Matter Props, Nathanael Camp of Apple’s Road Trash, Celtic Dragon Leather, Jamila Clarke of Black Bettie Cosplay, Mossimo Cox, Evan Cray, Schlieber Didl of Deadbeard Props, Joseph Drobezko II, Coli Edwards of MNV Foundry, Zack Finfrock, Jacob Gabel of Hitbox Workshop, Brian Glur of Power Up Props, KaPOWnze, Nick Kettman of Modulus Props, Aliya Matthews of Huntress Creations, Michael Muir of Red Bow Props, George Patterson, Ricky Perez of Hectec Design, Pino Pfortenkoeter of Pfortenkoeter Prop Junk, Matt Piccini of Brazen & Bold Productions, Yasu Tano, Zombiesoup Junkyard, and Ryan Hellquist